Purple Performance works primarily with people to create value.

Where business owners are mindful of the need to get the most out of their management and staff Purple Performance will be able to assist you to do this.

Service Businesses

The Review | Reshape | Reward model particularly supports service businesses across a range of sectors however it is also adaptable to assist all businesses where people are key to the performance of the business.

There can be a tendency to concentrate on the skills and expertise of the business owners without recognising the value of the business as a whole. This means that if business owners are not available then the value of the company could suffer.

Purple Performance works with business leaders and team members to build a high performance company that generates value for owners and staff alike.

Law Firms

We work with the partners/business owners to grow the business and thus the value of the investment using our Review | Reshape | Reward methodology. Most partners want to increase their profit share and secure the long term future of the firm, however many law firms find it difficult to find time to focus on managing their business.

Good systems and procedures for managing your firm will lead to improved client care and client retention, a more positive business culture and decreased complaints, thus freeing up valuable time for fee-earning.

In addition to our core services Lis has specialist expertise in professional standards, ethics, risk management and compliance and is an associate Law Society consultant. We can provide you with a better understanding of regulatory requirements in practice and assist with reviewing office procedures including complaints handling, file reviews and your office manual. We offer a risk and compliance audit.

We can also deliver on-site training in a cost-effective manner.

Accounting Firms

In addition to offering our Review | Reshape | Reward process for your own business, we recognise that accountants are often at the heart of their clients’ financial decision making.

Purple Performance has developed particular expertise in helping businesses become more aware of the importance of non-financial performance measures and how they can influence overall results.

By working with Purple Performance accounting firms will be able to extend the range of services offered to clients to cover both financial and non-financial aspects of running a successful business. Ultimately, Purple Performance is about helping accounting firms optimise their clients’ stakeholder value.