The services of Purple Performance are designed around the Review | Reshape | Reward process.

In particular, by consulting, coaching and training business owners and staff members, we can help companies address questions such as:


What is our real potential?

We have written business plans before but nothing came of them, why should this time be any different?


How can we get everyone working with us to achieve our goals?

Great plans but how do we find the time to implement them?


How can we motivate and recognise great performance without breaking the bank?

How can we create a business that gives us the option of exiting or continuing to grow?

The focus of our services is the creation of value, for business owners and for employees.

We are passionate about helping business leaders and their colleagues achieve the most out of their working lives, whether that is through financial reward from business ownership or from having a sense of achievement and success from performing a challenging and motivating job role.

We do this by:

  • Listening to you and learning about you and your business
  • Sharing our extensive knowledge of good business practice
  • Combining innovative thinking with proven management techniques to produce practical and pragmatic help
  • Offering access to these skills at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee with equivalent knowledge and experience
  • Working with you to develop the leadership team to carry on after our job is done