Case Study One – A law firm in East Anglia


The law firm had around 60 employees and focused on private client work with a significant amount of conveyancing.

The firm was struggling to be profitable and had cashflow issues. In addition, one of the two partners wished to retire shortly. The two partners were based in separate offices and did not meet regularly.

Intervention by Purple Performance

The partners invited us to carry out a strategic review of the business and to help them find a way to operate the business successfully to enable them to achieve their goals.

Our first challenge was to bring the partners together as they rarely discussed things. Once together we challenged them to think about the strengths and weaknesses of the business, together with perceived opportunities and threats. Forcing them to analyse their business objectively made them realise that changes needed to be made.

The review highlighted an almost total lack of strategic management of the business with the focus being on tackling issues as they arose rather than on any longer-term planning.

Cash-flow concerns were impeding the successful operation of the business which seemed to be on the brink of collapse.

A more detailed review was then undertaken involving senior staff members. This revealed that Internal processes were cumbersome and inconsistent.

Recommendations and Outcome

An overall vision for the firm was created with a detailed action plan highlighting priority action areas and several slightly less pressing issues to be resolved. The partners now had a detailed road map showing how to achieve their three year goals.

The partners realised that they were spending all their time working in the business rather than on it and the management of the business had suffered as a result.

The review process carried out by Purple Performance led directly to them deciding to appoint a managing director. His job specification was primarily to implement the recommendations set out in our report.


Lis and Jed provide the unique combination of a successful business woman who understands the legal profession and a strategic and innovative management consultant. Both used their experience to challenge our ideas and preconceptions. Their insight and wisdom helped us to focus on our goals and what we needed to do within our business to achieve them. Engaging them as external consultants has been very worthwhile.

(Managing Partner)

Case Study Two – A marketing agency based in Manchester


The company had developed a strong client portfolio by providing proven, creative solutions to help drive growth. However, the directors/shareholders felt that the business was not achieving its full potential.

Its directors/shareholders therefore looked to determine how best to address some of the challenges associated with growing a successful business. They chose to work with Jed Hassid of Purple Performance over a three year period.

Help Provided

By working with the shareholders and senior decision makers, Jed was able to help:

  • Develop a clear vision for the company
  • Identify the key steps in achieving the vision
  • Challenge existing assumptions about how the business could develop
  • Train senior individuals as they enhanced their leadership and management skills
  • Provide a sounding board for ideas
  • Encourage a focus on accountability and the delivery of outstanding performance
  • Hold the Directors to account


Over the past three years, the business has:

  • Achieved a significant improvement in its profitability
  • Increased shareholder value by 91% (June 14 – June 17)
  • Created a structure and operating procedures that are focused on delighting its clients
  • Developed a strong and performance focused culture that has helped increase its own employee Net Promoter Score by more than 5 times


Jed has provided the business with the support that we needed to enable the business to grow successfully. He motivated the senior management team to critically analyse all aspects of performance and to focus on the achievement of our goals. Personally, he became a mentor and trusted advisor.

(Managing Director)